Focus on Giving Back

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”
― Winston S. Churchill

When I started my career in accounting, I never imagined having the ability to give back to the community would be part of my job description.  I was lucky enough to become part of the Klein Hall family, which held the belief that we should all be actively involved in the community.  Being encouraged to give back has allowed be to grow personally and professionally and to find myself in public accounting.

This realization also allowed me to focus my career growth on the non-profit arena, where I can continue my professional work and help those less fortunate.   It has allowed me to volunteer for a wonderful not-for-profit, Naperville CARES, where I’m currently serving as Board Secretary.   Before working at Klein Hall I always tried to give as much as I could, but struggled with fitting it in when working the daunting public accounting hours.  Now I’m pleased to say that I have the ability to incorporate giving back into my career.

Klein Hall CPAs encourages all organizations to include some type of community involvement in their business activities…the rewards will be great!

Some of the ways we at Klein Hall enjoy giving to our community include:
– Volunteering for local organizations
– Offering support by donating food, clothing, towels and other needed items
– Providing services for not-for-profits organizations
– Attending client events
– Making personal contributions