Smaller CPA firms – Is there a benefit?

Undoubtedly, one of the trickier parts of choosing a CPA firm is whether to go with a larger or smaller firm.  The benefits of smaller firms are many, here are a few that we feel are key:

– Smaller firms will value you and your billings more than a larger firm.  The sheer size of a larger firm lends itself to single clients not being as valued since they are a much smaller part of the firm’s overall business.

– You’ll find more consistent staffing with a smaller firm.  Larger firms will often rotate staff on a more frequent basis.  A smaller firm usually offers more continuity of staff, ultimately saving you time and resources.

– Partner-level contact will be greater at a smaller firm.  In smaller environments, clients generally have one partner contact, whom they can reach whenever needed.  Larger firms tend to spread clients among several key contacts within the firm, so getting in touch with someone familiar may be more difficult.

– You’ll get more for your money. Smaller firms generally have less overhead and can often offer lower billing rates than large firms.

You can see the benefits of a smaller firm are numerous and frequently result in a better fit for many clients.