Why Managers Trust Their Books To Professional CPA Firms

You’ve probably heard that America is more divided than it’s ever been before. Yet there’s at least one thing that both sides of the partisan divide can still agree on – U.S. tax laws and regulations are way, way too complicated. Every year, U.S. citizens spend a staggering 7.6 billion hours preparing their taxes. And when all the numbers are in, those taxpayers will fork over about $140 billion to the taxman. Or, at least, some of them will. Of the Americans who expect to owe Uncle Sam money come tax season, up to 40% admit that they don’t know how they will pay their taxes when the time comes.

And if you run or manage a business, not-for-profit, or organization of any kind really, keeping track of your bookkeeping and tax preparation becomes exponentially more complicated. That’s why most elite companies trust a professional accountant or tax preparer to handle their books.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to handle your bookkeeping, payroll services, tax preparation, and accounting on your own, then it’s only a matter of time before you make a mistake. And it’s easy for small errors to turn into major crises. So if you want to avoid an unexpected audit or any nasty surprises when tax season comes around, then there’s a simple solution to all your budgeting woes – hire a professional certified public accountant (CPA) firm to take that weight off your shoulders.

Not only can professional accounting firms save you from making costly mistakes, they can often help save money by providing budgeting assistance and cash flow analysis. And the less time you spend studying the fine print of the U.S. tax code looking up obscure IRS regulations, loopholes, exceptions, and requirements, the more time you can spend on your actual business.

Professional CPA firms provide everything from school district audits to accounting for start up businesses. So stop drowning in paperwork and receipts and contact us. We’re the most reputable, local accounting firm in Naperville and Aurora. We’ll throw you a life raft. Because believe it or not, the secret to tax preparation, is preparation.