SumaraCare Not-For-Profit

For 45 years SamaraCare has been a provider, educator, and advocate for progressive mental health counseling for people of all ages. Expertise, compassion, and spirit-led care has always been at the heart of their services as they lead people to live their lives to the best of their ability.


SamaraCare a non-profit organization that got its start when three local churches came together to create a counseling organization that would address the mental health needs of the community—regardless of a person’s race, religion, gender or socioeconomic status. Since their early days, they have grown and thrived thanks to generous financial support and an exceptional staff. The support has come from other area churches, service clubs, corporations, foundations and hundreds of individuals. SamaraCare’s staff of highly-trained and dedicated counselors have built their reputation of trusted and effective care.

What’s a Samara?

A samara is a seed that has a wing, enabling it fly to fertile ground where it can grow and flourish. Samara also has origins in Hebrew and means: protected by God. Both definitions suit SamaraCare perfectly because they tie-in to the relationships and aspirations they have with their clients and partners, and because it relates beautifully to their founding churches.


SamaraCare helps people achieve their greatest potential by being compassionate and spirit-led counselors, consultants and advocates.