Choosing a CPA Tax Accountant

CPA Tax AccountantWhether you love it or hate it, taxes are an unavoidable part of life. From federal filings to state and local taxes, there’s plenty to know about corporate and individual tax obligations, posing a big hurdle for families and entrepreneurs alike.

Instead of spending weeks on end dutifully filling out forms, the right CPA tax accountant can ensure you never miss a beat. Here’s what you should look for when choosing a pro to simplify this year’s tax season.

Verify Qualifications

Anyone can call themselves a tax accountant, so be sure the team you choose carries the proper accreditation. In general, any tax preparer you hire should be a Certified Public Accountant or an IRS Enrolled Agent. These challenging certifications take years of study and numerous tests, guaranteeing you preparation services from a professional who knows the ins and outs of tax law. Steer clear of the well-known tax firms; these resources generally don’t have the knowledge and certifications a successful tax return requires and may end up making critical, costly mistakes.

Consider Experience

Not all accountants are made equal. When considering professional assistance for your taxes, be sure you choose someone who has experience in the tax forms you must submit, understands your industry, and is prepared to handle the unique aspects of your financial situation. You’re not obligated to choose the first person you meet with, so shop around to make sure the tax preparer you’re considering is best suited to your needs.

Ask About Fees

While it would be nice if tax services were free, that’s rarely the case. However, that doesn’t mean you should be paying an arm and a leg. Before signing an agreement, be sure you understand the expected expenses and determine whether you’re getting your money’s worth. Fees are often based on your specific tax needs, so ensure the rate you agree to fits the time required to prepare a correct return. Keep in mind that a good tax professional is an investment: the right fit can both help you save today and plan for the future, significantly reducing your tax obligations over time.

Be Sure You’re Covered – No Matter What Comes Up

If you get a simple matching notice or end up on the subject of a full-blown IRS audit, will you know how to act? More than likely, the answer is no. A good accountant will have your back when the government comes calling, helping you to understand what the IRS is looking for, prepare correspondence, provide backup of your claims, and stay afloat in tax court should something serious come to pass. Instead of leaving you in the dark if disaster strikes, be sure the accountant you hire will stay with you for the long run.

When you want to make this year’s tax season easier than ever, Klein Hall CPAs is here to help. Providing tax preparation services for businesses, governments, not-for-profits, and individuals, we can offer you everything you need to save as much as possible. Contact us today for a custom tax preparation quote!

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