Naperville Education Foundation

About the Organization

The Naperville Education Foundation (NEF) makes a profound difference in the lives of students through funding programs that fall outside of District 203’s tax-supported budget. NEF encourages creativity, innovation and excellence in our students by helping to ensure that every student in the district can take advantage of educational opportunities.

Mission and Vision

NEF raises and grants funds for programs that enhance and enrich the educational experience of Naperville School District 203 students. With the generous support of foundations, businesses, educational professionals and individual donors, NEF is able to provide financial resources that increase learning opportunities by supplementing school district budgets.


Annual Grants Awards

Since its founding in 1992, NEF has awarded nearly 900 grants representing over $1,000,000 in support of creative, innovative and excellent projects that stimulate student engagement and learning.

Kid Booster Anonymous Fund

NEF provides funding to assist at-risk students in Naperville School District 203 through its Kid Booster Anonymous Fund.

The purpose of the Kid Booster Fund is to provide assistance by matching specific and unique needs of District 203 students to opportunities and support which enhance educational, physical, or socio-emotional growth.

The intent of the Kid Booster Fund is to provide a timely response and the “missing link” under circumstances where there is no known family, district, or community system or structure to address the need.

Start the Day

NEF provides snacks to young students who may
come to school hungry. We want to ensure that all of our young students “start their day” ready to effectively concentrate in their classes. Federal funding is provided for lunch but not breakfast.


NEF has partnered with Naperville 203 to serve as the fiscal agent for INCubatorEdu, facilitating philanthropic support for entrepreneurial education. This includes seed money for the student teams’ MVP (minimum viable product) pitch in February 2018 and a public “shark-tank” like event in May 2018 that will determine which teams will obtain additional funding to take their projects to the next level of implementation.

If you would like to learn more about the Naperville Education Foundation or are interested in volunteering, visit their website or call at (630) 420-3086.