About the Organization

DuPagePads‘ mission is to end homelessness in DuPage county. It’s so much more than a pad on the floor; it’s about the journey home.

DuPagePads aims to assist in the journey from dependency to self-sufficiency. Not the shelter, not the nights spent in the car or on the street. DuPagePads is a journey that begins with an extended hand, an affirming voice, and a trusting soul that will advocate undividedly or each individual.

The solution to end homelessness starts with housing, and is more complex than just providing individuals with food and shelter. Founded in 1985, DuPagePads is the largest provider of interim and permanent housing, coupled with support services in order to help individuals work toward becoming self-sufficient. These vital support services enable the individuals we help to receive case management and life coaching, employment support such as job coaching, as well as engagement with employers-effectively stopping the cycle of homelessness.

If you would like to learn more about the DuPagePads, visit their website or call at (630) 682-3846.