How a Business Can Benefit from Advisory Service

How a Business Can Benefit from Advisory Services

Chicago is known for its pizza, but the restaurants that serve it often have many other items to choose from and they can be even tastier than the headliner.

Accounting firms may not come to mind for more than tax season, but they, too, are much more than they seem at first. Many think of them mainly as deduction-driven tax preparers and accountants, but the additional business services they offer quickly put them into the realm of trusted business advisor.

According to a study on the State of Accounts, 56 percent of small businesses plan to use accounting firms over the next 10 years for value-added services. Those services could include identifying the financial vision of a business and their long-term goals, and developing a strategic plan for growth.

You Can Focus on What You Do Best

One of the key value-added services is Virtual CFO. Instead of shelling out a cool $100,000 to hire someone directly, you can get all the same benefits and expertise for a fraction of the cost.

While you focus on what you do best for your business, your Virtual CFO can take a look at your current financial picture and run a profitability analysis, manage your cash flow, and keep on top of your budget. They can also help plan for the future and provide structure through forecasting, looking at purchases and expansions, and helping to make long-term financial plans and goals.

Run Smoothly

Having a trained and highly-skilled CPA as part of your trusted staff means you can let go the worries about when to file taxes, how to put together a strategic plan, or struggling to decide if you can afford to buy that new equipment or not.

You can focus on sales or marketing or any of the many other tasks without worrying that those areas where you may have the least knowledge and experience are without competent oversight.

Training and support

Another crucial area for business owners is the selection, training and use of accounting software. Who wants to learn a whole new system, just so they can teach their staff how to use it? Isn’t your time worth a lot more than that? Do you really want to have to think about internal controls and the reporting system?

If all of this seems overwhelming and a bit like you’re in a sci-fi movie gone bad, there’s a hero that can easily swoop in and rescue you, and your business.

Klein Hall CPAs take their training and experience, their easy-to-work-with style, and save you from all the questions, doubt and fear. They can be trusted to give you straight, relevant answers about your business, and advice that is valuable.

The depth to which they go is up to you. You are free to choose more, or less, comprehensive services, according to what your needs are. To let go of your fears and learn more about Klein Hall CPAs and how they can help you, get in touch!