Klein Hall CFO Services are a game-changer for small business.

For the owners of small to mid-sized businesses, the role of CFO has always been a catch-22.

On the one hand, hiring an in-house CFO is an expense that most businesses can’t afford. In-house CFO salaries range from $150,000 to $500,000. Then again, with the challenges of today’s business world, how can you afford not to have a dedicated financial leader, someone who understands your business objectives and knows how to get there?

As a business owner, you are left with a tough choice. Do you spend hundreds of thousands on an in-house CFO, money that could be invested in other areas of your business? Or, do you take the risk and try to survive without one?

Here is a better question: What if you didn’t have to choose?

Klein Hall CFO Services offer an innovative financial management solution. For the owners of small to mid-sized businesses, it offers access to business advisory that, until now, has been prohibitively expensive.

Here is how it works:

Rather than hiring an in-house CFO, you partner with a dedicated Klein Hall financial expert. They perform all the standard services of a CFO, from financial planning to cash flow budgeting and financial statement analysis.

This is why business owners love it:

    • Affordability. A Klein Hall CFO costs a fraction of the salary you would spend on an in-house CFO. Plus, there is no overhead.
    • Continuity. When an in-house CFO leaves a business – or any in-house employee who handles the finances – it can be devastating. Often, these employees have established certain practices and procedures that only they understand, and the next employee you hire will have to start from scratch. That’s not the case with Klein Hall CFO Services. Our practices and procedures are consistent, organized and thoroughly documented – saving you valuable time and resources.
    • High quality. When you hire an in-house CFO, you are giving them access to your financial world. You need someone you can trust. Instead of attempting to vet a CFO on your own, partnering with a Klein Hall CFO means you are working with a qualified financial leader who is backed by a respected firm.