How a Naperville Business Consultant Can Help

How a Naperville Business Consultant Can Help

Years ago, when a business needed financial help or advice, they’d look for an accountant. Today, corporate needs are more sophisticated, and some CPA firms struggled to keep up. Instead of asking for an accountant, ask how a Naperville business consultant can help your business.

Business consultants are much more than accountants. They are partners, strategists and leaders. They understand your vision—they “get” you—and they know how to take you where you want to go, without the costly detours. At Klein Hall CPAs, these consultants are futurists.

Why should you hire a financial futurist? There are a lot of very sound reasons for making this your next move. Below are four of them.

A Different Viewpoint

When facing personal challenges, people often turn to family and friends for advice or to bounce ideas off of. As a business owner, that need is there as well. 

Not only can a business consultant give expert advice, they actively listen while working through a problem, so they can ask questions about any areas where they see gaps. They can also provide a unique perspective because they aren’t as close to the problem as you are. You can also benefit from their experience, especially if they have encountered your particular challenge before and can say what worked—or didn’t—at that time.

This can lead to unique brainstorming sessions that result in a solution or an innovative idea that might not have surfaced without their help.

Save Money, Plan for Growth

This is where business consultants really shine. If your strongest areas are sales and product development, does it make sense for you, at this point in your business, to be working on increasing efficiency and controlling costs, something that is extremely time-consuming and complex?

Not only can a business consultant develop strategies for those projects, they can also help with growth. Rather than succumb to rapid, out-of-control growth that puts a lot of stress on your business and employees, let a business consultant help you plan for the fast track so you can avoid common problems and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Expertise When You Need It

If you don’t yet employ a CFO, but could sometimes use their expertise, you might have wished for a rent-a-CFO program. Utilizing a business consultant, who comes on board for a specified period of time, and for specified projects, might be the perfect answer for you. They can evaluate and make recommendations in a lot of different areas, including business strategy, operations management, processes, supply chain logistics, exposure to risk and more.

Business consultants are like temporary but highly-skilled employees who are cheaper than a full-time hire and who integrate faster and easier than new employees.

A Neutral Party

Once in a while companies need an unbiased party who isn’t involved in company politics and has no emotional tie to help work on a controversial or unpopular project. A business consultant can help make hard decisions, put together major restructurings, or conduct terminations without risk to their job or career.

Having experience in these types of projects, yet being somewhat removed from it personally, helps business consultants do what some might say is a company’s dirty work. You might wonder why a person would take on these types of challenges. Business consultants are problem solvers and thrive on new and exciting challenges.

Let’s Talk

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At Klein Hall, our Financial Futurists go far beyond today’s accounting standard. Through deep expertise and innovative services, we optimize your day-to-day operations, protect your financial house, and prepare your business for whatever lies ahead.

Ready for the future? We’ll lead you there.