Quickbooks error code ol-222

QuickBooks Online Banking Error Code: OL-222

Are you experiencing issues while importing Capital One credit card transactions via a .QBO file into a QuickBooks desktop file? You are not alone – and you no longer need to worry. We have seen this error recently as well. In response, we’ve developed a solution to circumvent the error message until the issue is completely resolved.

OL-222 Error Message Appearance:

The message usually populates in a notification box similar to the one pictured below. If your message looks slightly different from the image, look for the specific error code to confirm your issue; in this case, OL-222.

OL-222 Error Message Underlying Issue:

The error message results from a coding problem that Capital One is aware of. Capital One is currently working with Intuit to resolve the issue. Until then, however, the following steps serve as a guide to circumvent the error message.

OL-222 Error Message Resolution:

  1. Download the .QBO file from Capital One
  2. Before importing, right-click and open the file via Notepad
  3. Perform a search and replace for the following:<TRNTYPE>D</TRNTYPE> – replace with <TRNTYPE>DEBIT</TRNTYPE> <TRNTYPE>C</TRNTYPE> – replace with <TRNTYPE>CREDIT</TRNTYPE>

Once each step is complete, you should be able to import the .QBO file into QuickBooks. However, if the error pursues, do not hesitate to contact our team of financial futurists.

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