Our History

Firm History


June 2002

KH Associates

Klein Hall & Associates, LLC was launched in a one-room, makeshift office space in Christina’s basement in Naperville, IL. The quarters were cramped and the workload was heavy, but starting a new firm in this community was a dream come true.

From the start, Klein Hall was very involved in the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce and deeply committed to providing quality service to every client. Creating and maintaining a healthy work life balance was also a key focus and remains a priority today.

January 2003

After doing everything themselves for six months, an office administrator was hired and Klein Hall moved into a “real” office space. In a short time, Klein Hall & Associates had already developed a solid reputation in Naperville and surrounding communities, with their personal and impressive service setting them apart from the competition.

Their continued involvement in the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, networking efforts, and many client referrals led to dramatic growth. Offering an expanding list of tax, accounting, and consulting services, their commitment to quality customer service never wavered.

Experiencing phenomenal growth created just one problem—space!

December 2005

A new office condo with over 2,200 square feet of office space was purchased, doubling the previous space and allowing for expansion.

Klein Hall was poised to hire the best, build a service-minded team, and further realize their vision to provide top-quality accounting and business services to every client.

January 2013

Ribbon Cutting

Once again, office space was expanded to 4,400 square feet to meet the growing needs of their clients and to provide a comfortable environment for team members.

To more precisely identify their services, Klein Hall & Associates changed its name to Klein Hall CPAs.

July 2016

Offering employees opportunities to work with great clients while achieving a healthy work/life balance, Klein Hall was successful at attracting and retaining outstanding professionals. Their staff had grown to a team of over 20, supporting a growing list of clients and offering expanded consulting services.

It was time to for another move, just down the street to a new 8,800 square foot office space.

Believing a great work environment fosters greater productivity, Klein Hall CPAs continue to be inspired to perform at the highest level.