Is the Traditional CFO a Thing of the Past?

Even with a trend toward deregulation over the past few years, today’s regulatory environment for U.S. businesses can seem more complex than ever. Companies that don’t have finance managers or Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) can be at risk of running afoul of federal and state financial regulations, tax laws, and disclosure requirements. For many businesses…Read more

5 Mistakes That Can Kill a Small Business

In the startup world, stories of multibillion-dollar tech companies being launched from a garage or closet are legendary. But the Small Business Association (SBA) has some more sobering statistics. It reports that about 1 in 12 employer-owned businesses close each year, with only about 1 in 3 businesses still operating after 10 years. With these challenges, it’s important to…Read more

Klein Hall was just named to Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces

Naperville-based financial leadership firm Klein Hall has been named to Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces, a prestigious list that ranks companies across the country based on their ability to prioritize employee culture while achieving bottom-line growth. To qualify, companies must have been founded and generating revenue by March 31, 2014. They must be based in the…Read more

The Financial Survival Guide for Your Growing Construction Business

Cash flow woes, multi-state regulations, new tax obligations, more scrutiny from the IRS… …and we’re just getting started. Growing your construction business comes with a long list of financial growing pains. It can feel like you’re a start-up all over again: high risk, high reward, and so many things to learn. It can be exciting…Read more

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Accounting

The saying goes, “No one looks after your money like you do”—but when you’re a small business owner, handling your business’s accounting needs by yourself can quickly become unmanageable, leaving little time for the tasks that require more attention. Learn more about factors to consider when you’re mulling the transition to outsourced accounting, as well as some…Read more

Cash Flow Crisis: The Wrecking Ball of the Construction Business

Your business runs like a well-oiled machine. You are winning bids. Projects are pouring in. Your clients are happy. Your team is happy. You are on a straight-shot to success… …and then, out of nowhere, a cash flow crisis hits. Things grind to a halt. You miss payroll. You don’t have the funds to purchase…Read more

Three Financial Trends for Small Businesses in 2019

It can often seem as though the business world is moving at a faster pace than ever. The advent of blockchain payment options, wearable technology to aid telecommuting, and artificial intelligence (AI) that delves more deeply into consumers’ preferences than ever before have expanded the realm of considerations for business owners. While it’s not necessary…Read more