QuickBooks 2017: Release and New Partners

After the frustrations many clients experienced with migrating to QuickBooks Online, including the simultaneous price hike for the desktop version, any announcement from QuickBooks regarding new releases and services is getting more attention these days. The biggest question from QuickBooks users with each new release is, “Will I still be able to use a desktop version?”…Read more

Naperville Area Humane Society

The Naperville Area Humane Society (NAHS) is a private, not-for-profit organization founded in 1979 to develop and implement animal welfare programs and services within Naperville and the surrounding areas. Their mission is to promote the humane treatment of companion animals and create lasting human-animal bonds. The vision at NAHS is to engage people to compassionately and responsibly create…Read more

Are My Moving Expenses Tax Deductible?

Has a new job prospect ever asked you to pick up and move? After celebrating your new job offer, you realize that you are not close enough to commute. You will have to pull up your stakes and find a new place to live in order to start employment. The cost and inconvenience of moving…Read more

IRS 2017 Tax Changes To Consider Now

Being prepared for the upcoming tax season will save you time and energy. The annual inflation adjustments for the 2017 year have been announced by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). These adjustments will take effect as of January 1, 2017 and will be used on tax returns filed in 2018. Here, we present you with…Read more

The Family Limited Partnership Loophole is Closing

What Should I Know About an FLP? The Family Limited Partnership has been used by many families to pass wealth down to their children and grandchildren, as well as an estate planning tool. The FLP was primarily set in place for families to avoid a gift tax, among the other benefits it presents. When comparing…Read more

Reducing Your Overhead Through Accurate Equipment Rate Calculations

Maintaining accurate equipment rate calculations is a necessity that companies regularly overlook. This can become a serious issue, as unforeseen charges pile up when it comes to use and maintenance costs. In an interview with Construction Business Owner, TBR Strategies CEO Preston Ingalls stated, “If we don’t have something pretty close to actual rates, it…Read more

Kids Matter

Building Resilient Kids who say “no” to destructive choices and “yes” to endless possibilities! Founded by Edward Hospital, KidsMatter is now marking its 15th year of providing Asset education and Asset-building events, as well as a variety of interactive growth opportunities, including programs and workshops, to youth and families throughout much of DuPage & Will…Read more

Multiple Retirement Accounts Usher in Pay-Out Complexity and Opportunities

Over the years, as a consequence of changing jobs and career direction, you have accumulated multiple retirement accounts which has led to pay-out complexity and opportunities. When it comes to retirement, all accounts are not created equal and chances are you will need some expert advice on how to strategically make these savings work for you…Read more

Event Recap: 2016 Ribbon Cutting

Earlier this month, Klein Hall CPAs celebrated an enormous milestone in our success as a local growing business. In collaboration with the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce we hosted a ribbon cutting and open house to unveil our new office space to our friends, family, and all of our wonderful supporters. Klein Hall CPAs has…Read more

Renting out Your Vacation Home: What to Expect at Tax Time

While owning a vacation home is fun for the whole family, it can also be a profitable venture. However, as with any method of making money, it is important to be knowledgeable of any tax obligation you may incur. To help you navigate the tricky world of rental income, the experts at Klein Hall CPAs…Read more