Three Crucial Tax Due Dates: How to Prepare

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act made sweeping changes to individual and business taxes, and tax year 2018 is the first opportunity for taxpayers to see exactly what these changes mean for them. While brackets and deductions have changed, most tax due dates haven’t, so tax preparers are gearing up for an extra-busy season. Read…Read more

Want a stronger, faster business? Start Benchmarking.

Southwest Airlines had a problem. In the 1990s, they were already the fastest airline, in terms of refueling. But they wanted to be faster. Faster refueling means less time on the ground; less time on the ground means better margins. In other words, of course they wanted to be faster. So, what did Southwest do?…Read more

Your Small-Business New Year’s Resolution: Stay Cash flow Positive

In the 1960s, a young entrepreneur named Phil Knight began selling Japanese running shoes to retailers and track teams in the Portland area. He was doing well. His business was profitable. His customer base was growing. And demand was rising for his latest shoe, which was designed with a waffle iron. The future looked good.…Read more

Deducting Expenses with the New Tax Reform

The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 is changing the way business owners like you deduct meal and entertainment expenses. As a business owner, these are changes that you need to know when filing deductions. The financial experts of Klein Hall have created a quick, easy-to-understand guide that breaks down the new tax…Read more

How to Master Your Small-Business Tax Credits in 2019

Tax credits are a fundamental pillar of every business’ strategy. …At least, they should be. Here is what makes tax credits so frustrating: First, if you are a business owner, you are probably aware that certain incentives exist. You know they can be lucrative. You realize they are important for your future. And you understand…Read more

AI vs. Accountants: Do Businesses Still Rely on Accountants

Predictions on AI, and their impact on our society, business in particular, are everywhere, and some of them say it means doomsday for workers. That has typically included those in accounting. It makes sense on the surface, given the math involved, but the forecasters forgot something. Human nature. As a small business owner, consider what…Read more

Does My Business Need Accounting Services?

As a small business owner, you may not be thinking much about the need for accounting services. That’s not surprising, since a lot of small business owners wear multiple hats and perform just about every role, from customer service, to human resources, production and, yes, accounting. At what point, though, should you give up some of…Read more

Best Practical Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

College graduates today are not your average bear. They think differently than previous generations, are motivated differently, and they look at the world differently than those born before 1985. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, contrary to what those resistant to change might say. Different can be refreshing, invigorating, and get us to think about things…Read more

How to be a Smart Consumer and Protect Yourself

Crooks today are clever and use many different ways to try to get information that they will use to steal from you. They may steal directly from your bank account, from your credit card(s), or they may steal your identity so they can do a great deal more damage. Sometimes they are very good at…Read more