Join the next generation of financial futurists.

At Klein Hall, you are far more than an “accountant.” You are a creative partner, leveraging your diverse blend of skills to realize our client’s business objectives. You are a bold innovator, elevating our work with the cutting edge of financial technology. And you are a business leader – proactive, future-minded, and deeply committed to the client’s vision of tomorrow.

We are living in the financial future. Will you join us?

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Be a creative partner.

We are far more than a traditional accounting firm. As a member of our team, you are expected to be far more than a traditional accountant.

As a Financial Futurist, you enter a true partnership with our clients. You master their day-to-day operations, learn the complexities of their industry, and discern their company’s long-term mission and short-term objectives. Then, as you navigate each client through the financial future, you use your deep knowledge and creativity to overcome any challenges along the way.

Be a bold innovator.

As a Financial Futurist, you have access to the industry’s most advanced technology – innovations that give your clients a distinct competitive advantage.

From Virtual CFO to cloud-based accounting software, you tap into
industry-leading innovation to strengthen the client’s business for
today, tomorrow, and the financial future ahead.

Be a Financial Futurist.

Proactive. Future-minded. Deeply committed, truly connected, and
genuinely original. As a Financial Futurist, you take ownership of the client’s vision. With creativity, knowledge and innovation, you navigate them through today’s financial universe and tomorrow’s opportunity.

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