Intacct Cloud Accounting


An award winning financial management and accounting system.

Klein Hall CPA’s are trained and certified on Intacct’s highly efficient cloud-based accounting software created for small to medium-size businesses. Intacct delivers a comprehensive, fully integrated financial management and accounting system that meets the needs of your evolving business.  Intacct has won numerous accolades for superiority and innovation and is named by the AICPA as its preferred provider of financial applications.

Rapidly growing industries that require active financial monitoring such as healthcare, wholesale, distribution, and retail can benefit from this software, as well as its powerful integrations with hundreds of applications such as Paychex, Clarizen, Development Sandbox, and Salesforce.

Here are some of the ways Intacct can help you:

  • Infinite, real-time visibility into business performance, giving you the ability to gain deep insight into your business at any time
  • Outsourcing so you can save money and stay focused on your company’s core competencies
  • Professional-strength financial applications with unlimited flexibility to adapt to your business needs
  • Improve collaboration between your team and our firm by utilizing a cloud-based accounting system
  • Automate your processes so you can run your day-to-day business better

Intacct helps thousands of companies, from startups to large and middle-market companies- contact us to find out how Klein Hall CPA’s can get you started today!