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Loaves & Fishes believes that food is a right and not a privilege. They provide healthy food options in a dignified and respectful manner.

5 Tips for Reading a Financial Report

A financial report is important for any business. With this document one is able to determine the financial strength of a company. Understanding the best ways to read your financial statement will allow you the ability to determine the best steps to take in the future. The success of your business depends on the effort…Read more

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

A common mistake about the foreign earned income exclusion is that it is exempt income not reportable on a U.S. income tax return. In fact, only a qualifying individual with qualifying income may elect to exclude foreign earned income, and the qualifying exclusion applies only if the qualifying individual files a tax return and reports…Read more

Budgeting tips and ideas so you can make the most of your money

Do you want to invest or save for college but just don’t know how? Our budgeting tips and ideas as well as our financial planning services should help you find a path that is right for your family. Crunch the Numbers Before you can even ask questions about how much to invest and where to…Read more

Tax due Dates and the Recent Modifications

Every year, millions of people in the United States complete the process of filing their taxes. Naturally, there are several ways that taxes can be filed and not everyone falls into the same category. Because of this, it is no surprise that there are different due dates for each possible filing status option. Benefits of…Read more

The Top 5 Things to Consider When Starting a Business

Dreaming of starting a business is a very exciting time, but when not well thought out that dream can quickly turn into a nightmare. Here are the top 5 things to consider when starting a business. Your Idea – You probably have a brilliant idea for your thriving business that you know is a sure fire…Read more

Free Money! Learn How To Take Advantage Of College Tax Credits

Every year, we hear about the struggle of college students and how hard it is for them to pay their tuition debts. Students and parents alike are looking for ways to help them ease their debt. Klein Hall can help. There are two federal tax credits that are applicable to  students: the American Opportunity Tax Credit and…Read more

Understanding Tax-Related Identity Theft

Becoming the victim of identity theft is never something that is a pleasant experience. Along with the fear regarding the actual event, there is also the aftermath that must be considered and dealt with. It can sometimes take years to completely see the full effects of identity theft, but by learning more about the different…Read more

Overtime Changes for Salaried Employees

Would it surprise you to find out that your salaried employees may have a legal right to overtime pay?  According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), a “white collar” exemption, which can protect a business from the liability of paying overtime for certain salaried positions, must meet reasonable criteria to be accepted by the…Read more

What Constitutes an Independent Contractor?

In mid-July, the Department of Labor set forth an Administrators Interpretation on the standard in the identification of employees who are misclassified as independent contractors. Essentially, this statement from the Department of Labor reinforces the redefinition of what a contract employee is (and is not). No longer does a contract agreement between an organization and…Read more