Achieving Financial Independence

Financial independence is a goal for millions of Americans. While some simply save arbitrarily for the future, others focus on stocking away enough to live freely without working for the remainder of life, no matter how long that may be. Financial independence is often intertwined with early retirement and generally requires consistent effort and lifestyle…Read more

Turning Pointe Autism Foundation

Turning Pointe Autism Foundation is proud to have assembled a capable, experienced and committed team of professionals and organizations to oversee the development and management of its facilities and programs. We strive to maintain the highest level of quality and to provide the most comprehensive services for families with autism. The organization was founded in…Read more

Klein Hall CPAs: Aurora Audit Firm

When a business owner or investment group is considering the acquisition of a business, there is usually a strong need to have an additional review audit of the accounting records. Many times, the cost for acquiring a business, especially in a private (non-public) company, depends on ratios calculated from the financial statements. To be sure…Read more

The Expense Reporting Nightmare Eases

Many small businesses have one major priority: making money. While revenue tends to be the focus of operations, expenses are inevitable in the course of doing business and expense tracking is more important than you may realize. The invoices sent from vendors are critically important to internal operations, and mismanaging expenses can mean mistakes, missed…Read more

DuPage Children’s Museum

“At DuPage Children’s Museum (DCM), we believe that our strength lies in diversity among the broad range of people that we serve. DCM respects, values, and celebrates the unique attributes, characteristics, and perspectives that make each person who they are. We are committed to providing a safe, accepting environment with unique learning opportunities for all…Read more

Choosing a CPA Tax Accountant

Whether you love it or hate it, tax is an unavoidable part of life. From federal filings to state and local tax, there’s plenty to know about corporate and individual tax obligations, posing a big hurdle for families and entrepreneurs alike. Instead of spending weeks on end dutifully filling out forms, a CPA tax accountant can ensure…Read more

How to Make the Most of Using a Virtual Assistant

When the steady growth of your small business calls for pinching pennies, it’s a challenge to find time for all of the tasks your job demands while also maintaining your bottom line. From social media posts to the basics of bookkeeping, it can often feel as if there aren’t enough hours in the day. As…Read more

Benefits From an Audited Financial Statement

Financial statements are a key part of running a successful business, providing a foundation for evaluating performance, planning for the future, and increasing efficiencies in the workplace. Despite the importance, however, not all financial statements are perfect and human error is a part of the process. Without strict oversight and professional review, your reporting fails…Read more

Don’t Overlook the Disabled Access Tax Credit on Your Business Tax Return

The ADA Law The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) requires employers to make their workplaces accessible to disabled individuals.  It prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities. However, the cost of making these accommodations to your business is expensive. To encourage small businesses to be accessible to individuals with disabilities and to comply with…Read more


For 45 years SamaraCare has been a provider, educator, and advocate for progressive mental health counseling for people of all ages. Expertise, compassion, and spirit-led care has always been at the heart of their services as they lead people to live their lives to the best of their ability. History SamaraCare a non-profit organization that…Read more