Audit and Other Assurances

Audit & Assurance

In today’s financial universe, you need more than audit & assurance.

You need solutions that protect your business today and prepare you for tomorrow

The fast-paced, dynamic nature of today’s financial landscape calls for more than a traditional audit, and your stakeholders demand more than periodic assurance.

In today’s world, you need a Financial Futurist.

Your business needs a team that’s tracking your finances year-round with an uncompromising attention to detail. You need an innovator who taps into the latest technologies to give you a competitive financial edge. You need a partner to report issues as they emerge (instead of months later), prepare your business for what’s ahead, and actively pursue solutions along the way.

Our Financial Futurists are always
looking to the future of your business.

We go beyond routine audits to form a creative partnership with each client, providing open communication, day-to-day accessibility, and solutions tailored to your short-term objectives and long-term goals.

Because we’re not just auditing your business. We’re preparing you for the future.

Future-proof your commercial business
with auditing & assurance.

We issue clear, transparent reports that satisfy your stakeholders, emphasize the integrity of your process, and build lasting trust.

Our service is year-round, so we can adapt to the fast-paced, shifting financial world. Our people are embedded in your business, so we can match your strategy to your day-to-day reality. And our solution is continuous, saving you time and resources for future audits.

In addition to our audit services, our CPAs provide specialized services for commercial businesses:

  • Internal control review and system analysis
  • Assistance in budget preparation and analysis
  • Cash flow analysis and forecasts
  • Risk assessment (including fraud risk)
  • Policies and procedure development
  • Facilitating purchase or sale of businesses
  • Temporary accounting/finance department staffing
  • Reviews and compilations

Partner with a team that understands the nuances
of government auditing & assurance.

Our Financial Futurists save you valuable time and resources with year-round support, comprehensive expertise, and staff continuity.

We know government. Our team members have experience with local government agencies of all sizes, from park districts to counties, and we serve on numerous boards and committees of professional, civic, and social organizations. We understand your challenges, because we face them every day.

Our Futurists tap into this management-level expertise to optimize your operations, achieve compliance, and complete your financial reporting.

Our core services include:

  • Single audits under OMB Uniform Grant Guidance
  • Assistance in budget and tax levy preparation
  • Yellow Book and financial statement audits
  • Audit preparation assistance
  • Policies and procedures development
  • Internal control review and system analysis
  • Cash flow analysis and forecasting
  • Temporary accounting/finance department staffing
  • TIF and pension fund reporting
  • Bond issuance assistance

Our Affiliations:

Prepare your school district for
the financial world of tomorrow.

In today’s world, every district has a unique set of challenges and opportunities.

To succeed, you need more than a typical accountant with a templated approach. You need a navigator.

Our team is currently providing audit services and internal control review & analysis for more than 30 school districts and associations. With staff continuity and a fully customized, highly proactive approach, we go beyond the accounting status quo to achieve your financial goals today and pursue your vision of tomorrow.

In addition to year-round auditing, our CPAs provide the following services:

  • Bond issuance assistance
  • Assistance in budget and tax levy preparation
  • Internal control review for your whole 
    district including student-activity fund
  • Development and presentation of
    school finance seminars for district
    administrators or board members
  • Review and implementation of computerized
    accounting systems
  • Single audits under OMB 
    Uniform Grant Guidance