We go beyond today’s accounting status quo.
Because tomorrow’s world demands it

Accountant? You don’t need an “accountant.” You need a partner. A strategist. A leader who understands your vision and knows how to navigate a complex world to get you there. You need a Futurist.

At Klein Hall, our Financial Futurists go far beyond today’s accounting standard.
Through deep expertise and innovative services, we optimize your day-to-day operations, protect your financial house, and prepare your business for whatever lies ahead.

Ready for the future? We’ll lead you there.

Strengthen your financial house with
cash flow analysis & projections

In today’s financial universe, managing your cash flow is more critical than ever before. It’s also more complex than it’s ever been.

Our CPAs take a uniquely proactive approach to your cash flow, because we know what it means to your financial future. Before you make any major investments or expenditures, we analyze the benefits, costs, and risks – so you know exactly where you stand.

Then, we mitigate risk and optimize your efficiency with:

  • Cash budgeting
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Real-time cash account analysis
  • Debt reduction
  • Cost reduction management
  • Budget rebalancing

Protect the lifeblood of your business
with procedure documentation

In an increasingly dynamic financial landscape, procedure documentation preserves your business’ most essential functions.

It’s a blueprint of your operations, a roadmap of your best practices, and a guide to your company’s internal DNA.

When your business encounters employee turnover the right procedure documentation will prepare you the future:

  • Strengthen internal controls
  • Optimize compliance and efficiencies
  • System integration
  • Improving risk management
  • Establishing best practices
  • Provides continuous support

Our Financial Futurists will help capture and manage the fundamental intellectual property of your business, the processes and information held by certain members of your team.
We’ll keep it topical, accurate, and ready for use.

This due diligence will protect the foundation of your business.

Prepare for the world of tomorrow
with succession planning today

A succession plan will ensure the continuity of your business.

By preparing for it, you can minimize taxes owed, maximize your company value, and plan for contingencies.

Our team of future-minded advisors help you develop a comprehensive succession plan, a deliberate and dynamic strategy with clear procedures that meet your personal goals, while preparing your business for the future:

  • Optimizing business valuation and buy/sell agreement
  • Creating an exit strategy
  • Planning for potential business restructuring
  • Building a tax strategy
  • Risk mitigation
  • Preparing for retirement