Succession Planning

Protect Your Business, Your Family, Yourself.

Having a view toward the future has always been a part of your business, and succession planning is an essential extension of that vision.  Putting it off is not the best option for you, your employees, your clients, or your family.
Klein Hall CPAs are experts at asking—and helping you answer—all the right questions.  For example: Who will take over if I die or become disabled?  What is my business worth?  How can I minimize the taxes when I sell or pass my business to my family?  And how can I maximize my retirement?

A well-thought out plan ready to be implemented not only secures the future of your business, it is vital to avoiding possible discord.  Let us help you with:

• Business valuation and buy/sell agreement
Exit strategy
• Potential business restructuring
• Tax planning
• Insurance ramifications
• Retirement goals and planning

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