Klein Hall joins top 20 firm Wipfli

Chicago, Illinois (November 1, 2019) —Klein Hall announced today that its partners and associates have joined Wipfli, one of the top 20 accounting and consulting firms in the United States, effective November 1. “We are proud of Klein Hall’s success over the years and our strong reputation for delivering quality solutions to our clients while…Read more

QuickBooks Online Banking Error Code: OL-222

Are you experiencing issues while importing Capital One credit card transactions via a .QBO file into a QuickBooks desktop file? You are not alone – and you no longer need to worry. We have seen this error recently as well. In response, we’ve developed a solution to circumvent the error message until the issue is…Read more

How Can Not-For-Profit Financial Consulting Help Your Organization?

Not-for-profit organizations are swamped with financial obligations, from navigating often-altered government policies and managing cash flow to meeting compliance standards and so much more… not to mention the daily necessities of running a business. When time is spent managing financial stressors and planning for the future, time is lost for the nitty-gritty details of hour-to-hour…Read more

Uncover and Prevent Fraud with Forensic Accounting Services

Did you know that the average company loses 5% of its revenue to fraud every year? Small businesses suffer even greater losses. Are you aware that fraud prevention tactics of the past are losing efficacy as cybercriminals exploit technological advances? Revolutionary forensic accounting services – able to study the future and prevent fraud before it…Read more

Why a Good Idea Is Sure to Fail Without a Start Up Business Plan

Brilliant ideas strike at the strangest times. Usually, they are forgotten. Every so often, they are remembered and scribbled down or shouted to Alexa. Occasionally, the idea is carried out. However, a great concept alone is not enough for success. Even the most striking and unique business ideas fail without a start up business plan.…Read more

Does the Cost-Effectiveness of an Outsourced CFO Outweigh Other Factors?

Over the last decade, some of the biggest household names in the U.S.—from Circuit City to Toys ‘R Us—have shuttered their doors for good, liquidating company assets in the face of bankruptcy. At the heart of each of these riches-to-rags stories lie some serious financial and marketing missteps that could perhaps have been avoided through…Read more

How a Business Advisor Can Accelerate Your Business Growth

When it comes to launching a successful career in any industry, the first piece of advice fresh hires receive is often to “get a mentor.” These mentors can play an invaluable role in helping you navigate a new workplace, new goals, and new expectations. But once you’ve left the rat race to launch your own…Read more

Is the Traditional CFO a Thing of the Past?

Even with a trend toward deregulation over the past few years, today’s regulatory environment for U.S. businesses can seem more complex than ever. Companies that don’t have finance managers or Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) can be at risk of running afoul of federal and state financial regulations, tax laws, and disclosure requirements. For many businesses…Read more

5 Mistakes That Can Kill a Small Business

In the startup world, stories of multibillion-dollar tech companies being launched from a garage or closet are legendary. But the Small Business Association (SBA) has some more sobering statistics. It reports that about 1 in 12 employer-owned businesses close each year, with only about 1 in 3 businesses still operating after 10 years. With these challenges, it’s important to…Read more